Welcome to the 2023 Ullman Bursa Law LIVE Osprey Cam!

Kirsten Ullman and Brian Bursa erected an Osprey pole & platform in 2010 at their house in Apollo Beach.  The same nesting pair has returned each year to raise a new family (while keeping a safe social distance from other nosey Osprey).  There are typically 2 to 3 chicks that hatch each year, and it takes on average 64 days for the chicks to grow to adulthood and permanently leave the nest to find mates of their own.  We have nicknamed the parents Apollo and Athena.  You can tell the difference between them, as the female is slightly larger than the male (and the female has beige spots on her chest).   This year 3 chicks were born in the third week of March, which makes a total of 32 since 2010.  We hope that you enjoy watching the parents feed fish to the chicks and how amazingly quick that the little ones grow to the point where it is difficult to distinguish parents from offspring.