A Different Kind of Case


In a world that seems to be abundant with conflict, hate, and acts of cruelty, amazing humans sometimes emerge to warm your heart and give hope. This is a story of caring, kindness, and people working together to change the stars of two perfect furry babies.

Our office is in a nice office park with big oak trees. It is right next to MLK where traffic is heavy. Two dogs were dumped in the office park and found their way onto our office property on Wednesday, October 4, 2023. Attorney Lauren and Nurse Paralegal Erin corralled the girl and boy (about 1 and 3 years old, respectively per the vet), and IT Manager Chris brought them to the vet. His wife Jessie (billings department) was a vet tech at the clinic some years ago and worked her magic to get an appointment as Chris drove the pair in the direction of the clinic. The two were neglected, dirty, and smelly, but, after receiving a full vet check-up, healthy. The girl was in heat.

After one night boarded at the vet clinic, Lauren and Erin began the “round robin” of fostering while the team reached out to friends, family, rescues, and posted the babies in case they had loving owners. No owners came forward, so the quest to find these bears a forever home began. Keeping them together was a primary objective.

Aliyah (legal assistant) then volunteered to continue the fostering of the beautiful, furry pair, and made them part of her family over the next couple of weeks. Aliyah, and her forever labradoodle, Teddy, (who is a paw legal with the firm), accepted these canine cuties with big kisses and open paws. Aliyah sent updated photos and the effort to keep the pair together and find a forever home was well underway. A true and amazing team effort!

Today, October 16, 2023, Aliyah arrived to report that her friend and dog lover, Sunny, along with her sons and nephew, have welcomed the pair into their family and home. Aliyah and Teddy will have visitation 😊

Thanks to these amazing humans! The pair (who have been called “Snickers” and “Cookie” during this journey), have their forever home, and their forever family will be showered with wet noses and kisses, gratitude, and love for many years to come.