Significant Provider Victory in Major COVID-19 Case

This article describes the legal aftermath of that self-reported outbreak; the governments’ (both federal and State) response; and the decision of a State Administrative Law Judge (ALJ) regarding whether the enforcement actions the government imposed were legally sufficient and supportable.

Senior Fitness Health

During this global pandemic, it is imperative to keep seniors active and healthy.  Not having visitors is a stressful development for senior living residents, so regular exercise while practicing social distancing is a must!

New York State Department of Health Releases Advisory Prohibiting Nursing Homes From Denying Admission Due to Coronavirus

Once again, we have a politician making policy decisions without the benefit of reason.  Incredibly, Governor Cuomo (of New York) has directed that New York nursing homes CANNOT deny admission or re-admission from a hospital in instances where there is either a confirmed diagnosis of COVID-19 or a suspected case of COVID-19.  If such a decision is enforced, it will lead to unnecessary additional affliction and death from the disease.  Irresponsible decisions, such as this, will only serve to prolong this unprecedented pandemic.