This week, the Florida Legislature passed legislation ratifying the Agency for Health Care Administration’s (AHCA) rules requiring nursing homes to have generators and 72-hour fuel supplies on site by July 1, 2018. Changes incorporated into the new rule allow for flexibility in the types of systems or equipment used to maintain the safe indoor air temperature, including portable generators, and provide for an extension of the timeline to January 1, 2019, for compliance, among other changes negotiated with the Governor’s office and AHCA.

The bill becomes law as soon as the Governor signs it, and the rules are adopted by the Secretary of State. Click here to get a copy of the rules, as ratified by the Legislature.

LeadingAge Florida will host a webinar on the nursing home rule later this month. Details on the date and time will be forthcoming.

The fate of the legislation ratifying the assisted living facilities (ALF) generator rules is still uncertain at this time. The House did not file legislation ratifying the ALF rules because of concerns of the cost associated with the ALF generator rule requirements. The Senate filed and passed legislation ratifying the rule and the bill has been sent to the House for consideration. While we have reason to believe the House will take up and pass this legislation, anything can happen during the last few days of Session. We will keep you advised of the status of the ALF generator rule legislation.

For more information, please contact Susan Langston via email or call her at (850) 671-3700.