FALA MEMBER ALERT: Emergency Preparedness Does Not Start June 1st

Although today is the official start of hurricane season and you have been paying to attention Mother Nature June 1st is not the only day to be aware of. She has been sending clear signs that hurricanes are not the only danger to the human race and property. With forest fires wiping out thousands of acres of land and homes in California, to the floods and tornadoes from the Midwest to the Northeast, the damage to assisted living facilities, along with everyday citizens, is catastrophic.

In all things, preparation is the key, and we hope that during this month we can provide you with some information to help improve your current processes and, not only prepare your physical plants but your associates, residents, and families on how to protect themselves from natural to man-made dangers.

Action Needed: Preparedness 101 for ALF’s

  • Update and submit approved CEMP per 58A-5.036 (3) if you not have already done so.
  • Make sure associates (staff, not just managers) know location of CEMP and have access to it 24X7.
  • Update all staff and resident contact list with emergency contacts.
  • Conduct a drill of choice. Recommend NOT during M-F 9 to 5 so that in an event of a emergency your associates are educated and empowered to keep things under control until other team members/EMS arrive.
  • Evaluate their success and modify process from drill to improve

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