FALA Hurricane Readiness Alert

ATTENTION ALL OPERATORS OF SENIOR LIVING COMMUNITIES IN FLORIDIA:   Please see the below article of Florida Assisted Living Association’s recap of Governor Desantis’ emergency preparedness call.   Please be prepared to be self-reliant as government and emergency services may be interrupted during Hurricane Dorian.  Best wishes to all in surviving this storm.

Highlights from today’s (8/30) Hurricane Dorian Call

Representatives from the Governor’s Office, the Agency for Health Care Administration, and the State Emergency Operations Center (SEOC) reported on FHCA’s Standing 11 AM Disaster Conference Call earlier today. Click here for an audio recording of the call.

FALA participated in the 11 AM Conference Call which emphasized generator readiness, fuel stores, and using available communication channels.

Chief State Meteorologist Amy Godsey reported that Hurricane Dorian is expected to strengthen to a Category 3 by tonight. While the storm is expected to make landfall as a Category 4 on Tuesday morning, Ms. Godsey said that the first Tropical Storm winds will likely reach Florida on Sunday evening. Hurricane Dorian will likely leave the State on Thursday, September 5.

Ms.Godsey warned that the slow moving storm will generate a lot of rain and facilities located inland near rivers and lakes should expect flooding. Monitor local conditions through Local Emergency Management Offices and established communication channels.

Deputy Chief of Staff Adrian Lukis said that ALFs should have their generators on site now and be prepared for 7 days of interrupted routine power supply.

Agency for Health Care Administration Secretary Mayhew said that the Agency has deployed staff to ALFs from whom they have not heard regarding Emergency Environmental Control Plans.

The State Emergency Response Team Medical Surge Representative, Dayle Mooney, reported that the State’s Emergency Operations Center is activated at Level 1 now and will move to a 24 hour status Saturday morning. The SEOC will be fully operational on Sunday.

Other Directives Included:

  • Use the Emergency Status System to 1) Update Generator Status now, 2) Report Evacuation Plan, and 3) Report Availability of Beds or Resources
  • If an ALF user of the Emergency Status System has trouble getting into their account, contact the ALF Licensing Unit at (850) 412-4304 or (888) 419-3456.
  • If an ALF becomes unstable or has unmet needs, report to the Local Emergency Management Office
  • Medical emergencies can be communicated via 911 understanding that routine response services will likely be disrupted
  • Obtain Dialysis Services today or Saturday for residents needing these services
  • Be cautious about evacuating residents to an inland location; avoid areas that may be near rivers or lakes that could flood
  • Arrange now for fuel deliveries for Generator service after the storm leaves the State
  • Special Needs Shelters are not appropriate destination locations for evacuating residents

State of Emergency

Governor DeSantis has issued an Executive Order that declares a State of Emergency in all 67 counties with Dorian expected to make landfall as a Category 4 Hurricane on Tuesday September 3.

Local Emergency Management Office / EOC

If your ALF has unmet needs or becomes unstable during Hurricane Dorian, contact your local or county Office of Emergency Management. Click here to find the link to your Emergency Management Office.

Fuel Acquisition

Remember that assisted living facilities located in an area in a declared state of emergency area that may impact primary power delivery must secure ninety-six hours (96) hours of fuel (for an alternate power source to maintain ambient temperatures at or below 81 degrees Fahrenheit for a minimum of 96 hours after the loss of primary power), s. 59A-36.025 (1)(b) 2., FAC.

Emergency Status System

The Emergency Status System has been opened to collect pre-storm info (statewide); you can expect to be hearing from the Agency regarding updating information in ESS.

General Updates from the Agency for Health Care Administration

Hurricane Dorian Information (Agency for Health Care Administration)

Generator Status

The Agency notified us that they have a webpage for generator status including information that has been reported by the ALF to the Agency over the past year regarding plan approval and alternate power sources. If you think this information is not correct for your ALF, contact the licensing unit immediately to remedy. We have been told that updates will be made daily.

ALF Licensing Unit: (850) 412-4304

Other Resources